Best tactics for organizing the bathroom

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Megan Ludvinsky with About Space Organizing demonstrates how to organize a bathroom that works for everyone.

Megan’s tips:

1) Declutter: Just like any other room in your house – the best way to start organizing your bathroom is to pull EVERYTHING out and declutter. Just like food, medicines, creams, and makeup have an expiration date. Get rid of anything expired or questionable. Also – really think about anything left and ask yourself – are you really going to use this product?

2) Have a clear counter top: Only have essentials out on your counter. Hand soap should pretty much be it. Maybe a candle. Clear counters creates a calming, clean, feeling and allows space for you to get ready.

3) Under sink: All of that under sink plumbing really hinders your storage space, so I add extra space by using an expandable 2 tiered under sink shelving unit. It fits right around the pipes. I use that extra space to store bins of lesser used toiletry bins, storing like with like, I have a first aid bin, a sun and bug bin, a cold and flu bin, etc.

4) Cabinets: Corral your favorites – I am lucky enough to have a medicine cabinet where I keep absolutely everything I need to get ready in the AM. But – if you are medicine cabinet-less, try to corral all of your most used items – vitamins, deodorant, moisturizer, hairspray etc. in a caddy. That way in the morning, you can just grab the caddy from a cabinet, use everything you need, put the items back in the caddy and you’re ready to go! This is also really great if you have multiple family members using the same bathroom – everyone gets a caddy!

5) Insides of cabinet doors: If you are short on space – use the inside of cabinet doors for added storage. There are these great “stick on” cups from interdesign. You can also get an over the cabinet door holder for your hot tools and stick on toothbrush holders.

6) Drawers: There are so many tiny little things that can be lost in a bathroom drawers. Use clear acrylic drawer dividers to set up “homes” for say lipsticks or eye-shadows. It’s also good for the inevitable blush or powder explosion – the mess is contained in the drawer divider and is easier to clean than it spreading all over your drawer.

Once your bathroom works for you, you will find that your mornings go smoother and your day in turn will be less hectic.