Bohemian decor style

Image result for Bohemian decor styleThe word ‘Bohemian’ moots to someone who lives socially unconventional lifestyle and are much involved in musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits. Bohemian designs are bright, patterned, multi-cultural mélange of memorable layers and elements you simply can’t miss or forget for its uniqueness. This aesthetic design inspired in the modern world is comparatively more carefree, relaxed and unusual.

The essential elements of design to consider for home to create a perfectly curated Bohemian styled space are as follows:

Bohemian Colors

The emphasis on colors, patterns and textures, mixed in an artistic expression of the individual is through which Bohemian color essence is achieved. This design style embraces a mixture of rich vibrant colors that are culminated through the use of paint, wallpaper, textiles, furniture and objects. Complementary color is a way to give your home a Bohemian feature. By adding opposite colors, one can establish a dramatic effect. In fact, you can use as many accent colors as you like without needing to worry about overloading the design. Just make sure that the colors and patterns are compatible and the design flows in a pleasing way.

Botanical features

Botanical Style is not just about introducing plants into your home—it celebrates a whole host of patterns and designs inspired by all things botanical. Leafy motifs are especially adaptable to a variety of decor styles, from a vintage or industrial look to a classically earthy aesthetic. Hanging plants is a beautiful way to add interest and depth in bohemian décor. Bohemian Furniture

Bohemian design is a symbol of simplicity and artistic style. The judicious arrangement of furniture pieces against contrasting colors and patterns using pillows, rugs and poufs helps to create a space that will make you feel warm and cozy. The rooms are filled with furniture collected over-time which is second hand or vintage item like plush chairs and couches in saturated colors. It is imperative for boho rooms to be welcoming and present a carefree lifestyle therefore a low lying furniture suits the style comfortably.

Lighting and Accessories

Ambient, understated lighting will unify your Boho room and complete the calm and welcoming feel. The interior design is fully in contrast with overhead fixtures, decorate with multiple lanterns, candles, and floor and table lamps. Today’s global design markets make it easy to find a variety of shapes and styles—perfect for the mix-and-match look.


Artistic accessories added on walls and tables will add the interest to your cozy spaces and make for cultured talking points. Go bold with artistic pieces which stand out and are less than ordinary. If you aren’t blessed with the luxury of having travelled the world collecting trinkets and keepsakes from every corner of the globe, take a trip to the local antiques store and shop for some interesting treasures to display.