Graduate fashion designer creates collection inspired by Vancouver weather

Image result for Graduate fashion designer creates collection inspired by Vancouver weatherVancouver weather has a reputation for being, well… quite unpredictable. We could have glorious sunshine one day, monsoon-style rain the next, and a light breeze for the days following.

But you don’t often hear about the weather being an inspiration for local creatives.

For Blanche Macdonald fashion design graduate, Savana Sheardown, Vancouver weather played a role in the creation of her final year collection Herbarium which was showcased at the school’s Cherry Bomb! fashion show earlier this week.

The budding young designer tells Daily Hive how her collection was inspired by “all things autumn; the first sign that it’s time to pull out your scarves, toques, and cozy up around the fire.”

And of course, the rain in Vancouver also inspired her collection.

Okanagan-born Sheardown has been living in Vancouver for the last three years and explains how the fall “colour changing of the leaves is much more drastic here than at home.” Her goal was to create a collection that boasts a “cozy, October feel.”

Using fabrics like tweed, silk, lace, and PVC, Sheardown brought her collection to life. Design techniques such as patchwork, crochet, and pressed flowers, give her pieces a unique and interesting finish.

“The burgundy dress was inspired by harvest-time corn, and the patchwork was also kind of corn-inspired. The raincoat was inspired by Vancouver weather; inside the jacket, I dried and pressed flowers from my mom’s garden and glued them into the see-through panels,” says Sheardown.

Designers that inspire Sheardown’s creative process are “Missoni” for their colourful knitwear, and also Karl Lagerfeld, “because who doesn’t think he is amazing?”

Sheardown explains how the Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival and Chilliwack Sunflower Festival were also very inspiring to her, particularly her work with pressed flowers.


Retailers roll back traditional Christmas TV ad campaigns

Last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert featured a boy with an imaginary monster under his bed.
Last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert featured a boy with an imaginary monster under his bed. Photograph: John Lewis/PA

Retailers are rolling back on their traditional Christmas TV ads, with ITV braced for a fall in advertising spending of up to 8% in December.

Shares in the UK’s biggest commercial free-to-air broadcaster, which accounts for about half the £4.5bn UK TV ad market, tumbled more than 5% as investors were taken aback by the warning of a bleak Christmas.

ITV said total advertising – including TV ads and sponsorship on ITV, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 as well as its online service ITV Hub – was likely to fall by about 3% in the fourth quarter.

The broadcaster said ad income fell by 3% in October but would rise by 2% this month, thanks to advertisers spending big on Black Friday sales. However, there was likely to be a significant fall in spending in December, down by about 6-8%, indicative of the pullback in ad spend on Christmas TV campaigns.

Festive stalwarts including Marks & Spencer and John Lewis are yet to launch their traditionally heartwarming commercials. However, the likes of Aldi, Tesco and Argos have already kicked-off the battle for hearts and wallets this Christmas.

Carolyn McCall, the ITV chief executive, blamed the uncertainty of Brexit for the more conservative approach by advertisers. “We are seeing some softening in [TV advertising] due to the increasingly uncertain economic environment and, as a result, we expect total advertising to be down,” she said.


Gender equality should not be applied in traditional, sentimental matters like Sabarimala row: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Thursday said tradition and sentiments of the devotees should be respected on the issue of entry of women of all age groups in Sabarimala and gender equality need not be applied on matters relating to the Lord Ayyappa temple.

Kerala has witnessed widespread protests by Ayyappa devotees after the state government said it was bound to implement the Supreme Court’s verdict that lifted the centuries-old ban on the entry of women in the 10-50 age group to the temple, whose deity Lord Ayyappa is considered to be celibate.

Any change on matters relating to religion and faith should be done after consultations with spiritual leaders, Sri Sri said.

There are several temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in the country and women are not barred anywhere else except in the hill shrine in Kerala.

“Then, it is a tradition…and people’s sentiments are also there…we have to respect it…” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar told PTI in an interview here.

“It is not a matter of gender inequality here in this temple issue. In fact Indian culture always holds women in great reverence…True equality is when women are assured of safety, have equal opportunities in career and every girl child has access to quality education,” he said.

“However, this temple issue creates such an emotional hurt and shock to people… the devotees…, which could have been avoided..” he said.

The spiritual guru, however, said he was “glad” that the Supreme Court had agreed to hear the review petitions against its September 28 verdict.

The comments by Sri Sri come two days ahead of the two-month-long Mandala Makaravillakku pilgrimage season in Sabarimala that commences on November 17 and attracts millions of devotees from all over the country.

The Art of Living founder, who embarked on a four-day tour to the UAE on an invitation from the ruler of Fujairah, was speaking on the sidelines of his visit here.

Stating that all facts relating to the Sabarimala shrine may not have been presented fully at the apex court, he said even people belonging to other religions, who visit the hill temple, have always followed the rules there as they are part of age-old customs.

The main issue in Sabarimala is the mandatory 41-day ‘Vratam’ (wherein devotees have only vegetarian food and follow strict celibacy). Those who go to the temple, even in the past, follow the ‘Vratam’ and go, he said.

“Women, of course in the menstrual cycle, cannot undertake the 41-day Vratam. And that is the reason they are not going there,” he said.

To buttress his point, he said shoes are allowed inside churches all over the world but people remove it in the temples and mosques in India while entering there to offer prayers.

“So, these all are some cultural, traditional practices. If you ask why don’t you do prayers with shoes or chappal in temples while you can do the same in churches…the answer is that it does not fit,” he said.

Though the logic is the same, it cannot be applied in all contexts. Because, that is not our tradition, the spiritual leader added.

Sri Sri also said he was sure that the apex court would come out with a suitable decision to resolve the present issues while hearing the review petitions.

When asked about his formula to resolve the vexed Ayodhya dispute through mediation, he said his effort was to create a ‘win-win’ situation for both sides.

“In a situation, when they (Hindus and Muslims) come together in a sense of brotherhood of give and take….one gives a piece of land for the temple and the other gives place to build a mosque in a different place…the problem is solved,” he said.

Sri Sri, who has been trying to resolve the Ayodhya dispute through mediation for some time, said he has spoken to hundreds of imams and other spiritual leaders of the Muslim community and none of them had objected to the construction of a Ram temple.

Stressing the need to grow spiritually, he said it helps improving communication, to forget the past, take a new vision and move forward in life with renewed enthusiasm.

The Emirate of Fujairah has invited Sri Sri for yoga celebrations as part of which there would be meditation for world peace called ‘Illuminate Peace’ that will be held at a football stadium here.

After Fujairah, the spiritual leader will lead meditation sessions in Dubai also, apart from visiting a labour camp and conducting a special session for labourers at Sharjah, before returning to India.


Reverse Screening Vs Traditional Screening Algorithm for Syphilis

The study revealed that the traditional screening algorithm is more suitable for laboratories with low-volume samples due to the lower false-reactive rate and its cost-effectiveness.

The reverse screening algorithm identified more patients with syphilis than the traditional screening algorithm, but also led to an increased likelihood of false positives, making retesting with a second treponemal test necessary, according to a study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Researchers compared the performance of the reverse screening algorithm with the traditional screening algorithm, thus serum screenings for syphilis were conducted in parallel with chemiluminescence immunoassay and toluidine red unheated serum testing.

Chemiluminescence immunoassay-reactive sera from reverse screening algorithms were confirmed with Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay. Traditional screening algorithms with toluidine red unheated serum testing which were reactive were further tested with Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay for confirmation.

Out of a total 110,663 serum samples, the reverse screening algorithm identified 2.0% (n=2259) with chemiluminescence immunoassay-reactive results, 16.7% (n=377) of which showed nonreactive Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay results. In addition, 61.6% (n=1392) were toluidine red unheated serum test-nonreactive, 25.1% (n=350) of which were Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay-nonreactive. Of the 350 Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay-nonreactive sera, 182 were tested again by a second chemiluminescence immunoassay, which showed 85.2% (n=155) as nonreactive, and 14.8% (n=27) as reactive.

Further testing of the 27 VITROS Treponema Pallidum assay-reactive sera with treponemal IgG western blot assays, which found 37% (n=10) as reactive, 22% (n=6) as nonreactive, and 41% (n=11) as indeterminate. Out of the 10 western blot-reactive sera, 2 seroconverted to Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay 1:80 approximately 1 year after follow-up. Of note, 3.1% (n=27) of the 867 sera samples which were chemiluminescence immunoassay-reactive and also subsequently toluidine red unheated serum test reactive, were Treponema pallidum-particle agglutination assay-nonreactive.

Study investigators concluded that “the present study revealed that the traditional screening algorithm is more suitable for laboratories with low-volume samples due to the lower false-reactive rate and its cost-effectiveness.”


Traditional food shouldn’t be gone with the wind

Traditional food shouldn’t be lost, the taste must remain and memories connected with age old delicacies must linger on. Indian food holds a very important place in every household. After all the variety that we eat while on our outings, we crave to have homemade food and very specifically our traditional delicacies, what we commonly refer to as Desi Khana.

Innovating group in collaboration with Tourism department is organising a competition based on traditional Indian delicacies on Saturday under which the semi final will be held in Hotel JaiSingh Garh situated in Haridas ji ki Magri. Named “Kahin Gum Na Ho Jayye” the cooking competition’s finale will be held in New Delhi on the 1st of December.

Speaking on the occasion, the group’s Directors Chef Vimal Dhar and Chef Sangeeta Dhar informed that the city’s homemakers and students will cook various traditional delicacies with the objective of maintaining and carrying forward the age-old Indian traditional food that is almost disappearing from Indian homes. They wish to make the coming generations aware of the original Indian tastes. Chef Sangeeta Dhar also informed that the competition is being organised on a national level. Udaipur has been chosen as one of the centres for the competition. Arc gate group is also participating in this event. India’s well known chefs will be the judges for this competition.


Deepika Padukone’s Wedding ‘Chooda’ And ‘Kalire’ Had A Unique Traditional Yet Elegant Touch

Deepika Padukone’s Wedding 'Chooda' And 'Kalire' Had A Unique Traditional Yet Elegant Touch

Those two most important and exciting days came in and went by with the blink of an eye! November 14-15, 2018 saw two beautiful souls become each other’s forever in the presence of limited family members at Lake Como’s Villa Del Balbianello in Italy and ever since, fans have been eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the newly-wedded couple. Trust us, never have we been so impatient! (Do Read: Here’s The Cost Of Square-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring Of Deepika Padukone Gifted By Ranveer Singh)

With fans eagerly waiting to steal a glance at Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding pictures, the newly married ‘Mister and Missus’ took to Instagram and finally posted two beautiful pictures from their Konkani and Punjabi-Sindhi wedding. Captioning the picture with hearts, Deepika and Ranveer looked like a couple who has descended straight from heaven! Here are the pictures in case you missed:

Deepika and Ranveer

Deepika and Ranveer

With Deepika’s huge square-cut solitaire engagement ring almost making us go blind, have you noticed the minimalistic jewellery that Mrs Bhavnani sported and more precisely, her chooda and kalire? The picture that the just-married couple posted from their wedding, made us see Deepika in a never seen avatar with her matha-patti, chooda and kalire on total point! What was extravagant about her suhaagan ki nishaani was the minimalistic yet simple design it came with. Take a closer look of the same here:



Beautiful, right? Also, as stated earlier by sources, Deepika and Ranveer had ensured full privacy at their wedding. And why wouldn’t they? Have you taken a note of the measures undertaken by the stars to ensure maximum privacy?  As per reports, guests have been provided with special wrist bands which symbolises that they are a part of the guest list. Security guards have sealed the camera lenses of the mobile phones of the guests, lest fearing the leakage of any off-guard pictures. To top it all, numerous security guards have been on constant patrol on the outskirts of the venue. And do you have any idea how much the superstars have shelled out on security purposes? Reportedly, the couple has spent almost Rs 1 crore for security purposes for the week! (Must Read: Ranveer Singh’s Mumbai Residence Stunningly Decorated For Newbie Bride Deepika’s Grih Pravesh)

Deepika and Ranveer

Deepika was all geared-up for her wedding and couldn’t keep calm! In an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai on India Today India Tomorrow she had shared, “I’m excited in the same way as I’m excited about signing my next film. Marriage is something that I’ve always looked forward to in my life, as would any other girl.” Further speaking about her inspiration towards a happy marriage, the Happy New Year star stated, “I’ve seen my parents do it so well and so successfully and I think for me, that’s the way I would like my married life to be as well. My parents have a beautiful relationship. The way they have managed their professional life as well as being together as a family. They have set such amazing benchmarks that both I and my sister (Anisha Padukone) would like to follow.”

Deepika Padukone

Ranveer too, was never weary of praising his lady-love. During the premiere of Deepika’s Hollywood debut of xXx: Return Of Xander Cage, the Befikre star was all praises for his muse and had stated, “She is an extremely gifted actor and an amazing movie star. Somebody whom I admire and I’m extremely proud of her. I am a huge fan of the franchise and it’s very exciting to see her in this instalment.”

Deepika and Ranveer

Ranveer is truly the perfect guy for Deepika. A source revealed to Huffington post some interesting behind-the-scene moments of the couple. It was revealed that Deepika and Ranveer would make every possible attempt to be with each other when work kept them apart. Also, the Dil Dhadakne Do star would stay on the sets of Bajirao Mastani, waiting for Deepika even when his shot got over! The source revealed, “He’s always giving her cues even when he doesn’t have to. It almost feels that for him, her career is more important than his. He was one of the first few people to tell her that she needs to go to Hollywood. He’s starry-eyed when she’s around.” And that truly doesn’t go unnoticed!