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Some say the people make a house a home but, for many of us, it’s more about what’s inside it. After all, a house without the perfect sofa for a Sunday full of Netflix is hardly a home. Furniture helps you add a personal touch to your space while also improving how you live.

If you’re still using the flat-packed furniture you’ve had since your early college days, it’s high time you upgraded. Check out our roundup of unique furniture that is sure to spruce up your space.

Heng Wooden Balance Lamp

Unlike any lamp you’ve seen before, the Heng Lamp relies on magnets to produce light. In fact, the bulb only switches on when the two wooden balls in the center meet and connect. Hanging by a thread each, the wooden balls suspend in mid-air, offering a treat to the eyes on multiple levels.
Price: $39.95

Truly unique furniture to give your home a modern makeover

Turning on the lights has never been so satisfying

Hybrid Chair by Studio Lorier

Looking to lounge? Work? Dine? The Hybrid Chair does it all in one sleek design. This chair features dynamic hinges to offer three different sitting modes. Combining form and function, the Hybrid Chair is easily adjusted with the handle on the back.
Price: $1410.53

Bookniture Origami Furniture

Origami and literature come together to form Bookniture. Looking like a book when folded, it actually unfolds into a seat. Despite its accordion-style structure, it can actually hold a half ton of weight. It’s perfect for your small reading nook.
Price: $81.51

Truly unique furniture to give your home a modern makeover

Bookniture is here to transform your reading nook

Wooden Book Rack in Oak

Bookcases are sooo 2005. This innovative book rack is complete with gigantic clothespin-like hooks which suspend your books from durable cords. It’s easy to put your books into place and to grab one to read. Plus, the handy hooks serve as bookmarks to hold your exact spot.