Nov. 14, 2018 / 11:10 PM GMT+5:30 / Updated Nov. 14, 2018 / 11:13 PM GMT+5:30 / Source: TODAY
By Chrissy Callahan

Replacing the floors in your home is a surefire way to give your space a fresh, new look. At the same time, purchasing quality flooring and hiring an experienced professional can get pricey — fast.

If you’re craving a new floor and aren’t afraid to go DIY, attempting your own flooring project can save you lots of money. Of course, it can also turn into a huge mess if you don’t do all the research first. To save you from a major headache, TODAY Home consulted the pros to find out exactly what you need to know before starting your own DIY flooring project.

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DIY flooring isn’t for the faint of heart

Looking up DIY flooring ideas can be fun, but make no mistake: Installing a new floor isn’t easy. “Even relatively simple materials, like vinyl or laminate, require a lot of careful calculations and precision cutting for the patterns to be just right,” said Dan DiClerico, an expert at HomeAdvisor.

In other words, if you’re new to the DIY home renovation world, it may not be the best idea to start with flooring.

Then again, if you’re up for the challenge and don’t mind doing your research, learning how to install floors can pay off. “An intrepid DIYer who tackles the project could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars,” DiClerico said.

Before you get ahead of yourself, though, make sure you spend plenty of time poring over how-to videos and deciding which type of flooring will work best in your home.

“Before you go on a tool-buying spree, you want to determine the type of floor you are laying and do your research. Go online and look at installation videos for the products you selected and talk to the supplier about the warranty conditions and get advice on how to deliver, treat and install the flooring product,” said professional contractor Mike Holmes, whose DIY Network series “Holmes & Holmes” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.